Linguamix Auditorium (500:1)

Linguamix Aditorium is a software to help a teacher give an engaging language learning session to a large group of students in an environment rich in social interactions. It can operate in almost any type of room; not necessarily a traditional computer laboratory or even a dedicated classroom.

On the teacher's side, it requires a computer, preferably a laptop, and a video projector. Student interaction happens through their own smartphones, turned into input devices. Cellphones communicate with the teacher's laptop via wifi.

Linguamix 500:1
BYOD smartphone student input

Social Interactions

It is up to the teacher to chose whether Linguamix session scores are private to each student or whether the session is a public competition for the highest score; a multi-player game. Response reaction time can be measured down to milliseconds and factored into the final score. More importantly, each student's reaction time can be analyzed at a later time to draw interesting conclusions, such as one's confidence in responding.


Linguamix Auditorium is obviously a much more cost-effective solution than any one-to-one computer setup, considering hardware purchase price and long-term maintenance. A laptop will work just as well as a desktop computer, meaning this entire language laboratory can be setup almost anywhere, moved from class to class, possibly packed into a suitcase to be hand-carried and installed at a remote location for the duration of a session — all by the teacher himself.