Welcome to Linguamix!

Linguamix is a new language teaching software platform for schools and universities.

Linguamix is based on the classic learn through exposure then assess through multiple-choice questions model. Linguamix, however, brings about many radical new concepts.

For example, even though computer-based, Linguamix encourages natural face to face human interaction among students in a same room rather than to isolate them behind individual screens. It connects to popular human user interfaces such as multiple gamepads (joysticks) with vibration feedback for fun, comfort, durability and cost. Linguamix displays modern, colorful, animated graphics and emits crisp sound effects, in line with special effects expected in current movies or video games.

Through its revolutionary hardware architecture Linguamix reduces total hardware costs down to a fraction of competing systems. All the while, Linguamix sessions produce rich result data that can be stored on industry-standard databases so teachers can objectively assess its learning efficiency, orient their students most efficiently and track long-term progress.

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