Welcome to Linguamix

Linguamix is a B2B educational SaaS platform improving student learning (engagement, speed, retention) for large audiences – classrooms, auditoriums and training centers – then AI-sieving results for new learning patterns.

In-classroom teaching has a long-standing problem: it hasn’t been engaging enough for students’ short attention span. The advent of portable devices hasn’t helped: tablets and cellphones are mostly used for texting, games and videos.

Linguamix aims to restore the place of technology so that it works for teachers – not against them – by enabling entire classrooms to participate in playful group learning sessions (in gaming lingo, it’d be called multiplayer).

Furthermore, Linguamix’s data analytics help to identify the best paths to a student’s learning susceptibility.

Linguamix is a SaaS hybrid: a web-based SaaS handles administration, deployment, post-processing and reporting. Native iOS/Android smartphone apps handle user identification & input.

Its SaaS architecture is highly scalable: a single Linguamix session can simultaneously service an auditorium of up to 500 students. The teacher PC drives a large screen projector and audio speakers while students use their smartphones to answer MCQ.